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The Concept

the concept

The Idea

Bridal doesn’t have to be boring—that is our philosophy at Joanna August. Five years after launching, we continue to push the envelope of bridal fashion, designing fun,flattering, fashion-forward dresses for the girl who has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it! We love to mix colors, styles and hem lengths and our dresses, like our clients, cannot be confined to weddings! Our goal is to provide fashion that allows you to express your taste and personality whether you plan to walk down the aisle or the red carpet.

How it Began

The idea for the Joanna August Collection was born out of Joanna’s own August 2008 nuptials. Having put so much effort into infusing class, style and taste into every element of her wedding Joanna could not bring herself to send her best friends down the aisle in dresses whose beauty ran a distant second to that of the table settings (not to mention asking them to spend money on something they would never wear again). So, Joanna set out to defy the conventions of the typical bridesmaids dress and create designs for her friends that she herself would love to wear, not only as a member of a bridal party, but to any occasion. The dresses were amazing, the wedding was beautiful and the Joanna August line was born.